Cricket is perhaps the only game where players are religious. When on field, it isn’t just their skills that come into play. They believe in luck, fate and superstitions. And this belief makes them do some crazy things – like not changing socks for weeks or taking bath with ice cubes before every match! Maybe these rituals are not so absurd after all because sometimes teams have won matches due to such acts.

For instance, Shane Warne once revealed in an interview that he used to wear one underwear throughout the tournament unless his team lost a game then he would change it. Such stories are common among cricketers who take any measures necessary to ensure nothing comes between them and winning. Dive into the digital betting arena with ease; a single click on “ app download” is your ticket to a world where every spin, every bet, and every victory is just a touch away.

Steve Waugh always carried red handkerchief in his pocket while batting; he thought it was lucky for him and never went out to bat without it. Another interesting fact about Waugh is during lunch breaks would sit alone in the dressing room staring at mirror telling himself how great he was!

These are just few examples but there many other such incidents witnessed over years by fans all around world watching IPL matches unfold before their eyes every season; this being said it’s clear both sides (players/fans) share equal amount faiths – whether they’re based on reason or not still remains mystery!\

To name few more common superstitious acts performed by players include:


1) Not changing clothes during winning streaks


2) Sleeping with cricket bat under pillow


3) Not shaving beard until end of tournament


4) Wearing lucky number jersey etc..


Overall IPL has always been different from other tournaments because here people come to watch not only excellent cricket skills displayed but also see how these superstitions actually contribute towards the team’s success; therefore every year new set beliefs born among players/fans which become part of history itself as time goes by. Hence proved “Cricket is a religion and IPL its temple”. With every “ login”, you’re not just entering your credentials; you’re unlocking the gateway to a thrilling escapade where each bet is a brushstroke on the canvas of fortune.

MS Dhoni’s Fortunate Number 7: Former Chennai Super Kings skipper MS Dhoni has a well-known fondness for the number 7. He puts it on his jersey, and he supposedly likes to go out to field at 7:07 PM. Even his daughter was born on the seventh.


Virat Kohli’s Left Pad First: Royal Challengers Bangalore star Virat Kohli is known for putting on his left pad before the right one. He also wears black wristbands and ties a black thread around his neck for luck1.


Suresh Raina’s Bat Worship: Suresh Raina, who formerly played for CSK, takes his bat to a temple before every match and performs a small puja seeking blessings for success in the game1.


Rohit Sharma’s Pre-Match Nap: Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma is known to take naps before matches. He also has the habit of stepping in with his right foot first when entering the ground and only takes off his gloves once he leaves it1.


Shikhar Dhawan’s kabaddi ritual: The Delhi Capitals opener wanders to the crease and draws a line with his feet, then takes a deep breath before starting his innings like a kabaddi player1.


Rashid Khan’s black thread: A good luck charm for sunrisers Hyderabad spinner Rashid Khan that he wears around his neck, it is said that he carries a handkerchief with him which he sniffs before beginning his run-up1.


Lasith Malinga’s hairdo: Different hairstyles are sported by the former Mumbai Indians pacer during matches because according to him this brings good luck on field1.

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Luck charms or pre-game rituals — these superstitions are about control as much as anything else. They may seem odd but they make sense for those who follow them because it forms part of their strategy for performance. One interesting thing about it is how these routines and beliefs become enmeshed within players’ professional habits; this adds another layer of intrigue to IPL as a spectacle.



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